TSI Gets to meet at MEET Las Vegas

20131111_103758TSI Gets to meet at MEET Las Vegas!
Since we have grown to nearly 100 staff we have really are challenged in finding a location we can all attend Staff Training Days. This is not only a requirement by State of Nevada for Jobs and Day Training Centers. It is also so needed as a day for staff from all sites to get to know each other and forge new bonds both personally and professionally.

So when Meet Las Vegas www.MEETLV.com , who already supports TSI by advertising in Circles Magazine and buys out products, asked what else they could do. We asked if we could hold our staff training day in their amazing event venue, the said “Yes” TSI is grateful for this generous donation that gave us some real elbow room in a terrific setting!
In addition to our regular training, we also had an excellent guest speaker Stacey Wedding, from Professionals In Philanthropy https://www.facebook.com/profinphil . Superior Event Services, www. superioreventservices.com, served a wonderful lunch and also gave us a huge price break.

All in all it was a great day at TSI.