Smith’s Community Rewards Program

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Transition Services Inc. is now a member of the Smith’s community rewards program which benefits the company.

Smith’s Community Rewards Program

Smith’s Food & Drug Community Rewards program lets customers select the charities to which Smith’s will donate, based on dollars they spend in stores. It is estimated that hundreds of local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations will earn part of the $1.4 million Smith’s will contribute in 2014 through Smith’s Community Rewards Contributions up to $350,000 will be issued quarterly in 2014.

TSI encourages all friends to enroll and participate in Smith’s Community Rewards Program. ·

  • Customers must have a registered Smith’s rewards card account to link to our organization.
  • If you do not have a Smith’s rewards card, they are available at the customer service desk at any Smith’s. If you have a Smith’s reward card you still need to create an account on-line.
  1. 1.      Go to and click on ‘Create an account’ and follow the prompts.
  2. 2.      After you have an account and are signed in, click on “My Account” and scroll down to “Community Rewards”; click “Enroll”, fill in the requited information, click “Save”.
  3. 3.      Enter our NPO # 13140 click on “Search” and then select TSI and click on “Enroll”.

Note: Members must swipe their registered Smith’s rewards card or use the phone number that is related to their registered Smith’s rewards card when shopping for each purchase to count