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A great thing has recently happened at Transition Services Inc.! The introduction of the Wood-shop to the Transitions company.  The team is learning skills that help them build from wood (donated palettes), and talk about good stuff, WOW!! They have made some wonderful stuff!!!

Just take a look!

IMG_9669 - A

The wooden chest could be used for a child to put his or her toys away. It also could be used to put a collection of sports cards inside. You could put board games, etc. in the chest as well.

IMG_9598 - A

This heart bench would be used at a house for the front or back yard as a decoration. It could also be the theme for Valentine’s Day, or even used as a “Love Seat”, …woo hoo!

The Wood-shop creates furniture, chests, and even crafts out of wood. The Wood-shop has about 13 clients and about 3 staff doing the wood working. Here are some other things that the Wood-shop has done.


This wooden table could be used to put together a puzzle, putting together a LEGO model, reading a book, or doing textbooks.


This item is a combination of chest and a nightstand. You can put things inside if you want to keep them from being stolen. When used as a nightstand, you can put a lamp, a telephone, an alarm clock, and a radio on the top.


IMG_9678 - A

This table has a design of a pattern on the top. It could be used for eating meals, playing card games like poker, solitare, royal rummy and UNO and board games like chess, checkers, Monopoly, and table role-playing games.

IMG_9675 - A

Chris is holding a heart made from wood and it could be used for decorating a wall in the house for Valentine’s Day, or for a little color in the room.


These and other wood products can also be found at Studio 8-ten, located @ 810 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV.




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