Quarantine Queries

I have taken some time to check in with some of my friends and co-workers about how they are staying busy during this difficult times.  Here what they had to say.

Dom said, “I am exercising every day and playing some board too.”

Dallin said he has been working on hand writing, counting, numbers, math, money, and learning how to do more chores around the house. He is learning to sweep and mop, vacuum and dust. He is also going for walks almost every day, and he like to go visit his dad to watch movies.

Eden said, “I have been sleeping, reading, writing and typing.  I also use a plastic needle and plastic canvas and multiple types of yarn to sew designs.”

Michelle said “I am watching TV all the time and maybe playing some board games too.”

Linda is doing a lot of art projects with Bobbie and Shiloh.

My co-worker Jeremy sat with me for an in-depth phone interview about one of his favorite activities: Video games!

Jeremy and I are co-workers that work at circles magazine. We have known each other for 3 years and spent some time catching up on how he is passing the time at home.

Cassie: “So Jeremy, what video games do you play?”

Jeremy: “I play bowling and pinball, but I also have 21 other games for the Nintendo and Wii play.”

Cassie: “what systems do you use?”

Jeremy: “Yes.  I use a Nintendo Wii and Wii Play.”

Cassie: “What is the story of your favorite game, and how do you win?”

Jeremy: “You have to get the highest score to win the bowling.”

Cassie: “What are the rules?”

Jeremy: “In the Wii game, the one who has the best score at the end wins in bowling and pin ball.”

Cassie: “What is your favorite video game?”

Jeremy: “My favorite game is the pinball and the bowling game on the Nintendo Wii and Wii play.”

Cassie: “What skills do you have to have when playing the game?”

Jeremy: “The pinball game the is get more high score then your teammate and bowling game too.”

Cassie: “How many people can play the game?”

Jeremy: “The Nintendo Wii can play up to four people.”

Cassie: “Jeremy, is the game hard or easy for everyone to the play?”

Jeremy: “In the bowling, it is not hard because you are straight towards the TV, just doing it with the screen.  It’s the same also with pinball game.”

Cassie: “Well thank you Jeremy for sharing with us about your games.  They sound like fun and that you are good at them.  I hope you stay safe and away from the virus at home and are not too bored.”

Jeremy: “You too Cassie.”



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