Make a birdhouse or a Tool/Gardening Caddy

Make a birdhouse or a Tool/Gardening Caddy At Studio 8 Ten

Transition Services is hosting a craft class through SkillShare  and in partnership with Downtown Project Kids. The class will be taught by a couple of our talented woodworkers and a TSI staff. Ages 6 and up are welcome, just click on the SkillShare Link to register the class is $5.00

Saturday May 18th 11:00 am – 12:30 @ Studio 8 Ten : 810 S. Las Vegas Blvd  89101 (lots of parking directly  behind the store)

Students will choose to assemble a bird house or a caddy for carrying stuff. You will get to hammer nails or use wood glue. Don’t worry if you have trouble hammering the teachers will help you! Once your project is assembled you can use your imagination to paint your piece any way you want or the teachers can help you with design ideas.

At the end of class you can take home your project. They would be perfect Father’s Day gifts!!