Life during COVID-19

Good morning friends!  While we are all stuck at home trying our best to stay busy, one of our talented Circles Magazine contributors, Cassie, has offered to share with us her experience of what it’s like to live on quarantine.  Stay tuned for periodic updates as she posts her blog entries.

 How do you feel having to stay at home and not be able to go to work or see your friends? 

I feel sad because we can’t go anywhere, and we can’t go to work.  I do miss going to work and I want to go back, but I love working on articles at home. I get to come up with new ideals and be creative in many ways. I work as a team with my roommates and staff.  It makes me happy because I get to do fun projects and practice typing on the computer.  I use a typing program that I do on my staff’s computer so when I go back to work, I can type really good for my articles.  I also stay fit and do a lot of exercise all the time.  I have been losing weight too with my roommates and staff. We play games and do fun projects at home.  I watch the news every day to keep up with what is going on around the world right now.  My sister and I had a birthday party at home.  We did karaoke, games, and we did our nails. We danced and I do art too. I love being at home.  I learned how to sew on a machine.  I love learning new things.

 What can you do staying touch with friends and family while you are stuck at home?

I can call my family on the phone or I can call them on video chat.  I can also write them letters, text them, or mail something in the mail to connect with my family. When we are all on lockdown for COVID- 19, it is a lot of fun and a great experience for everyone. We learned how to use a new video chat with our aunt and uncle who live in Amsterdam, Holland. While we are on the phone with our aunt and grandma, we video chat, we play a family quiz on fun night, and we tell them what we are doing. We also talk about how everything is going when we call our friends on the phone and video chat with them too.  We talk to our work staff on video chat on the computer or phone, and we ask how they are doing.  These are a lot of fun, wonderful ways to connect with your family and friends on video and texting during difficult times.



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  1. Sally

    Hi Cassie,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences in quarantine!

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