Business Blitz Day sponsored by the Downtown Business Association



The Downtown Business Association is proud to announce the first Business Blitz Day beginning with Studio 8 Ten on February 12, 2014. The concept of the Business Blitz is to support downtown businesses by encouraging members to “Blitz” the chosen business that day by patronizing it. Using social media to document the event throughout the day is required and helps boost the concept as well as markets the business and promotes networking, it also increases the bottom line of the business. The Business Blitz takes place every other Wednesday at a preselected business. We invite all of you to come down and experience this exciting event that is designed to bring the downtown community together. Studio 8 Ten is working hard to make sure the gift shop is stocked and ready for the influx of customers.


Event:    DBA Business Blitz Day

When:    February 12, 2014

Where:   Studio 8 Ten, 810 Las Vegas Blvd. in downtown Las Vegas