A Trip to the Henderson Site

Welcome to Henderson

Welcome to Henderson

The Circles Magazine reporting team recently went to the Henderson site to visit and take some pictures and visit with the people and try to learn about what they do. What they do is make the most beautiful crafts around. As director Grace Parsons looks on, the crafters like it when she smiles at their great work.

Take a look at this

flower and butterflies

IMG_9911Henderson makes capri-sun bags and purses, they use recycled pouches and check to make sure that the quality is good.

To avoid mold from growing in the pouch once they get them, they have to cut a horizontal line through the bottom, soak in a bucket of water then wash with soap. And then Studio 8 Ten sells them.






They also make beautiful pictures made from rolled paper that is hand rolled by the people that work there.

Here is an example of that artwork.



They also make paper there that they use for various projects around the company








Henderson has been open for 15 years. There are 45 employees  that work there, as well as 5 staff.

All the sites such as Spring Mount, Wood Shop and Charleston send items that come in weekly, when they do QC they put labels on the items.


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